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From The Infamous Mind Of The Kidd

No Rules. No Filter. No Holds Barred.

The Infamous Billy The Kidd
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The Infamous Billy The Kidd is a multimedia personality, taking the world by storm with his innovative content. The Kidd’s love of pop culture and entertainment has taken him on a journey to create quality entertainment for an audience waiting for something unique and original, unseen or unheard anywhere else.

The Kidd’s edgy, in-your-face style can only be described as Infamous. Every time The Kidd opens his mouth with an idea, a thought, or an opinion, expect something new and different.

There is no censoring and no sugar-coating. The Kidd says what he means, laying it all out there for you to agree or disagree. Love him or hate him, you have to respect him, because you always know where he stands.

The Kidd did not choose to be Infamous... He earned it.

The Infamous Billy The Kidd first came into his own in the college radio ranks, where he served as Underwriting Director, Assistant News Director, and midday star for The Voice of the University of Miami - WVUM 90.5 FM. It was during this time that The Kidd fully realized his love for radio. hosting the earliest versions of Infamous Radio during the afternoon, evening, and overnight hours. The Kidd also had his fix of news and politics serving as a panelist and co-host for the WVUM Sunday Morning News, a show developed to talk about the real issues of the week affecting you locally, nationally, and worldwide. The Infamous Billy The Kidd used his knowledge of music, news, and sports to bring edgy radio to the station's airwaves every time he set foot inside their studio. To this day, The Infamous Billy The Kidd remains of the most controversial, yet entertaining personalities in the station's history.

The Infamous Billy the Kidd is an alumni of the University of Miami, holding Bachelor's Degrees in both Motion Pictures, with a focus on Production, and English Literature, with a strong slant towards Creative Writing. With this education, The Kidd has been working on several screenplays that are in-development or in pre-production, and has also served as an Assistant Director on several music videos under the direction of R3Y GUTI3RR3Z, for such artists as MorissonPoe (Glitter Girl, Pearl Necklace) and Brand New Sin (Motormeth).

The Infamous Billy the Kidd also ventured into the world of video games, entertaining the masses as one of the main correspondents for the now-defunct Wii.TV during its glory days, with his talents on display in his no-nonsense Infamous series - The Kidd Vs. All of those videos can now be found in the Videos section here on MySpace. In addition to his game reviews, The Kidd also served as the on-air host and executive producer of Wii Radio, the site's weekly podcast, which reported on the latest news and information surrounding the Nintendo Wii. The Kidd has also been a featured guest star on R3Y's Gameday Extravaganza, a live video game show online, as well as on an episode of Brooke Knows Best. The Kidd also worked for a stint for Clear Channel.

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